CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


Turn 5:
With the Intitiative for the Fir Bolg, the undead Lord on Steed charges the Sidhe Eldar Serpent, cutting 2 wounds of the mighty wizard who immediately fails his panic check!

The Sidhe Warriors in the swamps charge the Flesheaters, who do a countercharge and wipe out all but 1 Sidhe warrior. The Flesheaters on the left flank charge the Retainers (who countercharge, and strike simultaneous), while the Zombies charge the Dragonriders and pull one Warrior off the Dragon.

 The remaining Zombie and the Flesheater Leader are killed by the Sidhe Longbow Hero. As the Dragonriders are no longer in Combat, they charge into the Flesheaters vs. Retainer combat, killing all their combatants.

Cernunnos (FirBolg Hero with Warscythe) charges the Dragonriders killing 1 model, the Fir Bolg Priestress kills 4 Sidhe Longbows with sucessfully casting Bone Curse.

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