CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


Turn 3:
The Sidhe arrows continued their deadly work and kill a couple of Skeleton Bowmen and Warscythes. The Zombies on the left flank take position to face the charge of the Dragonrider (and cover the Flesheaters from the charge of the Dragonriders).

These accept the challenge and charge the Zombies, killing half of the unit. The zombies are not able to harm the mighty elven warriors and fail the panic check.

The Flesheaters are out of range to charge the Dragonriders, and take position right behind the Combat to charge next turn.
The Skeleton Bowmen and Spearmen take position in front of the Sidhe to stop the advancing Sidhe Retainers.
A mighty blast erupts on the right flank, and a large hole appears in the zombie units after the Eldar Serpent casted Elemental Blast into the dead Warriors. Unable to stop these creatures, they charge into the Spearmen with no casulties on either side.

The Flesheaters and the Fir Bolg Lord on Steed start advancing into the Swamps, the Fir Bolg priestress takes position behind the Bowmen.


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