CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


Turn 1:
Not much action in turn 1, the Fir Bolg advance towards the Sidhe army. The Sidhe army march moves towards the swamps in the middle of the table, the archers towards the barricades to take position.

Turn 2:
The Fir Bolg army is still out of range and advances toward the Sidhe. The Zombie units are moved in front of the army to cover the rest of the troops from enemy missile fire. One unit of Flesheaters take position behind the swamps.

The Sidhe Bowmen take position behind the barricads and use their longbows to kill 1 Flesheater and 1 Zombie. The Longbow Hero remains on the hill to take aim and shoot a deadly volley toward the Flesheaters, but fails ignoring the Zombies who are the first target! The Dragonriders take the far right flank of the table and hide behind some trees.


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