CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


Army deployment:

1. FirBolg:

Two units of Flesheaters, a priest and a unit of zombies are deployed in the settlement. They can easiliy be moved out of the settlement in the first turn to advance on the left flank of the army. One unit of Flesheaters will move to the middle of the table to support the weak skeletton warriors.

The Skeletton hordes are deployed around the summing place. The zombies are deployed in the front of the Warscythes to screen them from the deadly Sidhe arrows.

Next to them are the Sicklemen, with their increased Toughness from the shields, the should be able to withstand some waves of arrows. The Skeletton Bowmen will advance in the middle of the army with full speed and try to get some shots on the Sidhe.

2. Sidhe:

One of each Bowmen unit is deployed on each flank to slow down the advance of the undead hordes. The „machinegun“ hero is positioned on the right flank, the Eldar Serpent on the left flank. The Infantry will advance to the swamps and wait for the enemy, the dragonriders are positioned in the middle in front of the army. With their high movement of 7“ they are able to move wherever they are needed.

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