CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


Setting up the table:

The game is set between the bottom of the mountains (where the Sidhes live) and a settlement of the Fleasheater Gael tribe. Next to the Flesheater settlement is a summoning place, where the evil Flesheaters sacrifice their prisoners, to summon their reinforcements for warfare. In the middle of the table is a small swamp wich counts as wood. The barricades on the table are treated like defended obstacles and provide an 8+ cover save.
The Flesheaters start the game in the settlement, the rest of the Fir Bolg army on and around the summoning place. The Sidhe Army starts from the opposing table edge. The gaming table is 4x6feet (120x180cm), the deployment zone is 12“ deep.

Flesh Eater Settlement


Summoning Place


Sidhe Deployment Zone





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