CELTOS Battlereport:
Sidhe vs FirBolg


New Rules:

We like to bring new rules into our games and to experiment with the basic rules to „improve“ gameplay (in the way we think rules should work). All of these rules are unofficial homerules, feel free to use them or to ignore them. Comments are welcome, we try to improve our homerules to get both a smooth gameplay and „realistic“ situations.

1. Spears

  2 handed 1 handed (+shield)
WS: First round of H2H 6 5
WS Second+ round of H2H 4 3

Special Rules: DAM+1 vs large targets (Size 4+)
We always thought, that there should be a difference in using spears in 1 hand (wich can easily be parried with a sword) or a 2 handed Spear (wich should give a propper defensive position).
To negate the bonus for cavalry (T+1 due to the higher position and the difficulty for the attacker to strike the mounted enemy) we give models with Spears DAM+1.

2. Unit Formation/ Coherence:
Normal 1“, Skirmishers 2“
Looks better on the gaming table, easier in combat situations and models don`t touch each other (to protect painted models).

3. Command Models:
Standard Bearers and Musicians always die last (or owner may choose).
Easier in combat situations (you don`t have to declare hits to specific models) and no hiding of such models in the back of the unit. Other models just put up the trumpet/standard...

4. FirBolg Special Rules:

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